A Perilous Path: The Misguided Foreign Policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry

Anne R. Pierce tells the fascinating story of Obama administration foreign policy and illustrates its disturbing consequences. Combining meticulous research with historical analysis, she documents the administration’s decisions and discusses its worldview. She shows that President Obama and Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry expended more effort in improving relations with dictatorships than in strengthening ties with democracies or encouraging ideas of freedom. The result of downgrading American power and de-emphasizing American ideals is a more hostile, more oppressive world. A Perilous Path calls for renewal of our best foreign policy traditions, which emphasize “peace through strength” and human rights.

This thought-provoking book is a “must-read” for U.S. policymakers, media, academicians and citizens concerned about the current state of the world and interested in America’s proper role in the world. It provides vital information regarding Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, and a cautionary account of what we can expect from a Clinton presidency. Whoever becomes president, A Perilous Path offers a moral and strategic compass for the next administration’s foreign policy.

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Whether or not you supported Donald Trump prior to his election, one thing is clear: he and his team have their work cut out for them when it comes to foreign policy. Dr. Anne Pierce’s latest work, A Perilous Path: The Misguided Foreign Policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry lays out the last eight years – and the current situation – in clear, serious, and sometimes scary detail. Members and friends of Ricochet should read this book.

—Rob Long, Co-founder, Ricochet.com


Obama, Clinton and Kerry will leave “a more dangerous, more oppressive world,” according to Pierce. I find her critique compelling. It is not partisan, but rather informed by her attachment to human rights principles that are the main foundations of America’s political traditions. … But A Perilous Path is more than a critique, and offers a positive vision of an American foreign policy that “combines moral and practical concerns.”

—Aaron Rhodes, Co-founder and Principal Investigator, Freedom Rights Project

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Hardcover: 400 pages

Publisher: Post Hill Press (July 5, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1682610586

ISBN-13: 978-1682610589

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Dr. Anne R. Pierce discussed her new book with radio host Ross Kaminsky on KHOW Radio. Hear the interview here!