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Trump Should Beware of North Korea’s Peace Overtures – Kim Jong Un Can’t Be Trusted

Trump should beware of North Korea's peace overtures - Kim Jong Un can't be trusted

If CIA Director Mike Pompeo wins Senate confirmation to become secretary of state, as expected, one of his first challenges will be working to make President Trump’s planned meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un a success. That may prove to be mission impossible. An obvious question arises: Is North Korea responding favorably to…

Beware Russia’s ‘Help’

Don’t buy that Russia really wants to help the U.S. deal with North Korea. Russia insists negotiating with North Korea is “the only correct approach” and is offering to help the United States get negotiations started. Look out. Russian “help” in global hotspots usually means trouble. Russia’s “defensive” military operations in Ukraine (and before that…

Defeating ISIS Isn’t Enough: Trump Urgently Needs a New Syria Policy

In Syria, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost, millions of people remain displaced and countless souls are physically and psychologically scarred. Throngs of children are without families or homes, entire villages and farming communities no longer exist, and cities are in ruins. Fallout from the seismic Syrian civil war and upheaval besets the…

Obama’s First Months as Commander in Chief and On the World Stage: A Retrospective As We Assess Trump’s Early Foreign Policy

As we assess Trump’s early foreign policy moves and first international tour, it helps to look back upon Obama’s. Here, then, are passages from A Perilous Path: The Misguided Foreign Policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, Chapter 2: “Change Comes to American Foreign Policy.” [Dotted Lines indicate that passages are being skipped.]…

A Promising Start

Korea: A Promising Start

President Donald Trump’s foreign policy team deserves credit for its work on China and North Korea. With hostilities, atrocities and weapons programs escalating around the globe, there was reason for relief when the Obama/Clinton/Kerry chapter in American foreign policy came to an end. But, based on Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric, there was also reason to…

America Faces a World of Trouble

America Faces a World of Trouble

Americans, their new president and his team, and the 115th Congress face a world that, in former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s memorable words, is “exploding all over.” New Secretary of Defense James Mattis asserted in his confirmation hearing that the world order “is under the biggest threat since WWII.” Hostilities, atrocities and weapons programs…

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