Why do Obama and Kerry Keep Trusting Russia on Syria?

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recently met for extensive discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Among other things, they discussed how to restart almost certainly futile talks between the Syrian regime and Syrian rebels. This latest American-Russian engagement must be seen not only in light of the failure…

Rediscovering America’s Voice

Ideas matter. They matter so much that they cause seismic shifts in history. Extremist ideas foster revolutionary fanatics so beholden to ideology that attempting to contain them can be like placing a Band-Aid on an open wound. Sept. 11 upended previous notions of deterrence; you can’t simply deter someone who intentionally dies for a cause….

The Rising Star of Iran

Iran is taking full advantage of the opportunities created by US appeasement and retrenchment. Indeed, many of Iran’s foremost strategic and ideological goals have already been achieved. Among them: the (2011) withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and the end of the US “freedom agenda;” the repression of the Green Movement and the subsequent successful…

Beware ISIS Strategy that Fortifies Russia, Iran, and Syria

In asking Congress to authorize the use of military force against Islamic State militants, President Obama stressed the importance of showing the world “we are united in our resolve.” Demonstration of united resolve against blood-thirsty terrorists whose ranks, ambitions and territory have grown exponentially is important. But forging strategy to battle ISIS without also forging…

U.S. “Partnership” with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its Effect on Civil Society and Human Rights

US “Partnership” with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its Effect on Civil Society and Human Rights

Abstract Looking at Egypt before, during and after the Arab Spring, this paper examines the intersection of Christian Copts, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian army, moderate Muslims and secular groups. In turn, it examines the Obama administration’s policies toward Egypt. It discloses the surprising finding that the only consistent aspect of the administration’s policy toward…

Foreign Policy Mythology

In this instant age, even the very recent past is forgotten. This means that very recent history can also be rewritten. Witness President Obama and Secretary Clinton’s re-telling of their foreign policy story and the way “reporters” have embraced it. “Of course” they strongly support Israel. They have “always” maintained a “strong sanctions regime” against Iran….

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